Our Pumps are specifically designed for Waste Water Treatment, Chemical Industry, Electroplating Industry, Scrubber, City Water Supply and Metal Industry.

Waste Water Treatment
Chemical Industry
Electroplating Industry
City Water Supply
Metal Industry

Waste Water Treatment : Cleaning ion exchange resin; pure water production equipment; seawater desalination equipment.

Chemical Industry : Sodium carbonate (hydrochloric acid and hypochlorous acid, two chemicals); chloride, chemical fertilizers; circulation of reaction liquid in gas absorption tower; oil refinery (sulfuric acid); recovery and regeneration system of waste acid; chemical plants and vehicles between the transport of strong acid.

Electroplating Industry : Circulating filter all kinds of plating liquid.

Photo Industry : The photo system; X- ray, black and white, colour, three-dimensional photo finishing.

Electrical Appliance Industry : The production of electrolytic capacitors (aluminium film etching); transportation of electrolyte batteries and battery manufacturing process;

Circuit Board Etching : High purity chemical liquid in the process of semiconductor production.

Metal Industry : Alumina membrane treatment equipment; degreasing and pickling treatment in wire drawing, steel rolling; in the production of oil and pickling treatment; titanium oxide and rare earth elements of the production.

Metal Industry : Metal melting (transport and circulation electrolyte); washing treatment of waste liquid.

Pollution Control : Adding the chemical medicament to the liquid tank of the sewage treatment, collecting and conveying the waste liquid; the waste absorption equipment (the deodorant device, the discharge of the waste gas).

Other : The application in the field of spraying and silver recovery, chip manufacturing, experimental factory, ice machine, beverage machine, boiler, heat exchanger, solar system, bleaching, laser system and ponds, ornamental fish pond, recycling.