Founded in the early of 2017, Asia Pump (M) Sdn Bhd continues today as the leading distributor of Asia Pump’s products, which consist of a full range of wet process chemical pump and filters for Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Inside the Asia Pump Distributor company, our unwavering commitment to those core principles of our business; i.e. the sales and after sales service support excellence, as well as the integrity and fairness in the pricing were the ideal business ingredients which have never change.

From the humble beginning, we have expanded our business by keeping sufficient inventory in order to support our customers. We have also developed pump repair and testing facilities in our factory. Today we will continue our commitment to our customers through fair pricing, quality products, and outstanding after sales services.

Our Products

AMA Series
High Head Magnetic Drive Pump

AMD Series
Large Capacity Magnetic Drive Pump

AME Series
ETFE-Lined Magnetic Drive Pump

AD Series
Self-Priming Pump

MP Series
Magnetic Drive Pump

AS Series
Vertical Acid/Alkaline Resistant Pump

AYD Series
Vertical Acid/Alkaline Resistant Pump

AX Series
Chemical Filter Housing

Our Services

Sales of wet process industry’s pumps and filtration products.
Technical competent in application model selection and sizing.
Inhouse pump testing facility setup to ensure consistant outgoing quality.
Comitted and experience standby for after sales service support.


Our Pumps are specifically designed for Waste Water Treatment, Chemical Industry, Electroplating Industry, Scrubber, City Water Supply and Metal Industry.

Waste Water Treatment
Chemical Industry
Electroplating Industry
City Water Supply
Metal Industry