Founded in the early of 2017, Asia Pump (M) Sdn Bhd

Our company continues today as the leading distributor of Asia Pump’s products. Our product consists of a full range of wet process chemical pumps and filters for Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Chemical pumps for the environment control technology

Asia Pump offered a range of chemical pumps robustly made of GFRPP and PVDF materials.

Application including fume scrubber neutralizing fluids circulation and spraying, transferring of wastewater, chlorine water, and sodium hypochlorite.

Magnetic Drive Chemical Pumps

Vertical Chemical Pumps

Self-Priming Chemical Pumps

Chemical Filters



Sales of wet process industry’s pumps and filtration products.


Technical competent in application model selection and sizing.


Inhouse pump testing facility setup to ensure consistant outgoing quality.


Comitted and experience standby for after sales service support.

Discover Unparalleled Performance

Asia Pump stands as your ultimate chemical pump supplier, delivering cutting-edge solutions for your industrial requirements. With advanced technology ensuring seamless operations, productivity is boosted like never before.

Tailored to Your Needs

With a diverse range of chemical pumps catering to various applications, from corrosive chemicals to delicate compounds, our pumps ensure robust performance, longevity, and seamless integration, making them an ideal fit for any industry.

Partner with the Experts

Our professional team prioritizes your unique needs, guiding you to select the ideal chemical pump solution. With personalized recommendations, we ensure you’re investing in optimized operations, not just buying a pump.


Our pumps are specifically designed for various industries, including Waste Water Treatment, Chemical Industry, Electroplating Industry, Scrubber, City Water Supply, and Metal Industry.


Our pumps are engineered with the latest technology, guaranteeing efficiency and reliability. Additionally, their robust construction ensures durability in challenging conditions, thereby minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Our experts are dedicated to understanding your requirements and recommending the perfect solution. Therefore, reach out for a personalized consultation to discover a chemical pump tailored to your specific needs.

Not at all. In fact, our chemical pumps are specifically designed for seamless integration, thereby minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth transition. Ultimately, this enhances your operations’ efficiency.